Welcome! We are a church family of disciples located in Dublin, California seeking to do God’s work and share His word through Christ. Our goal is to live each day for the glory of God and find a home with Him for all eternity. We hope you can visit us!

***We are meeting at our church building in Dublin for Sunday services and Wednesday Bible class and both will be available remotely via Zoom. If you would like to join, please email David Fiddament at dfiddy0@gmail.com.***

Recent Lessons

Listen or watch David Fiddament’s recent sermons on our Listen and Study page! We have new videos of the sermons — see the playlists below. 

Playlist of videos from April 2021

Playlist of videos from March 2021

Playlist of videos from February 2021

Playlist of videos from January 2021

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Thanks for Joining!

Teen and College Event – Friday, July 31 and Saturday, August 1, 2020

Listen to lessons and the panel discussion from DJ McKnight, Josh Higgins, Josh Carter, and David Fiddament. 

Dublin Teen and College Event 2020: Thinking Bigger Thoughts

Dublin Summer Series

Our Summer Series with the theme of “To The Praise of His Glory” starts in July with speakers from the Bay Area and across the country. Lesson recordings will be made available on our website.

Playlist of videos from the Wednesday night Summer Series: To the Praise of His Glory.