Therapy and Me

Last week’s article showed us that the psychological man is more interested in performing his view of self in his culture than being formed and bettered by it.  Let’s continue this thought. The 1800s were a wild time. Napoleon swept Europe in some of the last imperial conflicts on the continent. Cascading revolutions followed. Not … Continue reading Therapy and Me

Better Days

Over the years, many of us have noticed a significant cultural shift. My travels all over the country have revealed Christian morale that has been shrinking at the same rate as congregational attendance. Older brothers and sisters recollect how they once attended a “gospel meeting” with several hundred, maybe even a thousand participants. “We would … Continue reading Better Days

Improved Means…

Lately, I have been interested in the idea of our technology getting too far ahead of us and the ramifications this has, not only on the world but on Christians. In the last 70 years alone, both our common and cutting-edge tech has screamed past anything imaginable even 100 years ago. As an example, I … Continue reading Improved Means…

With Open Arms

In the 1970s, psychologist Dr. Frank Wesley wanted to solve a mystery. He had discovered a similarity among the vast majority of American soldiers that defected to North Korea during the Korean War, twenty years earlier. They all came from the same basic training camp. But why? That was the mystery. Further investigation revealed that … Continue reading With Open Arms